People say, “What’s a Dialogue?”–a simple question, with so much to say in reply! At its most basic, I ask you questions with a caring, nonjudgmental attitude, and you answer them, if you want to. What does it do? It helps you to find out why your life is the way it is, and opens the door for changes, if you want to make any. What kinds of changes? Oh, you might get over your fears, or you might stop hating your neighbor, or you might realize that you’re quite content to be just the way you are. How can a conversation do all that?  The questions help us find the beliefs that are running our lives–and once we’ve identified the belief and changed it, it is relatively easy to change what we do. What are YOUR questions about the Dialogue?  Use the comment box, and I’ll respond within a few days.  Or if you’d be willing to share some Ah-HA moments from your Dialogues, others will get a better feel for what it’s all about.

Power Dialogues by Barry Neil Kaufman is a great resource for information about how to learn in depth about the Dialogue.