Kirin smiling at you!

I love living in Minneapolis—yes, even the winters– and have been practicing Reconnective Healing here since 2010.  (I’m in Seward neighborhood.)  My first client for a distance healing session was in New York State, and he experienced the warmth of the healing energy in and around his knee, even though he had not told me his knee was injured.  It has been satisfying for me to see evidence from the very beginning that this “stuff” is real and that real benefits are coming to my clients right away.

From the day of my Reconnection I have known that I am different now—in a good way!  From winding down in the second half of my life, I have switched to gearing up for a very bright future.  In addition to seeing clients, I look forward to bringing Reconnective Kids to Minneapolis in the near future.

As a Certified Option Process® Mentor/Counselor for 10 years now, I see clients in person and do sessions by phone and Skype with clients on four continents.  (Is there someone in Antarctica with an issue they would like to explore?)

I have a Master’s degree in the Teaching of French from Cornell University.  I speak French and German.  I have one life partner, two daughters, two wonderful sons-in-law, three office cats, one home cat….

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